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Valery Description Long ago, before there was the technological advances of photography and the images of intimacy these made possible, men did not have easy access to visions of female nudity. The ends they had to go to see an "ideal" woman were extreme, and for the most part inaccessible to the "average guy." But now, such is not the case. And the bounty of beauty that exists in our age is most evident when looking at, for instance, the recent photo series posted on FEMJOY, starring the stunning model, Valery, and entitled "Ambience." Here is a woman so stunning, so beautiful, so celestial and perfect, few men prior to FEMJOY would ever have had the chance to savor her nude beauty. But now you can, and the sensation is one that is even heightened by the appreciation of the opportunity before us. Valery is a specimin of female perfection. Healthy, fit, glowing, perfectly proportioned, and deeply sensual, she is keenly aware, yet subtly unconscious, of her power to pose and portray the ultimate female erotic image. Looking at her in these photos is a truly thrilling experience, and it's one that you can get again and again Ethnicity White Hair Color Blonde Eye Color Brown

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